Biological evidence with forensic interest may be found in several cases

Biological evidence with forensic interest may be found in several cases of assault being particularly relevant if sexually related. Genetics is determined in the first instance by the integrity and quantity of the samples submitted for analysis. 1 Introduction Biological evidence with forensic interest may be found in several cases of assault being particularly relevant for sexually related ones. Sexual aggression constitutes a serious social and public health problem that calls for an urgent forensic medical examination (FME) particularly in acute cases that is when the elapsed time between the assault and the FME is less than 72 hours in the generality of cases [1-6]. In these cases a large number of forensic areas are involved (e.g. clinical forensic medicine genetics and toxicology) aiming to obtain the proof and elaboration of a final forensic report [1]. From the forensic intervention perspective despite some published protocols and guidelines few countries have officially adopted guidelines for evidence management namely in acute sexual assault (ASA) cases. Even when guidelines are adopted they might vary within the same country between different regions and various institutions. Nevertheless to standardize the FME of ASA victims as well as the reliability of forensic procedures which are crucial during judicial proceedings very clear suggestions produced by the technological community are needed [2 6 These suggestions will assist in optimizing forensic intervention and reduce unnecessary variations in the procedures as well QS 11 as improving collaboration among several entities and professionals while enabling a well-timed and comprehensive forensic evaluation. An essential part of these guidelines should concern management of biological evidence for DNA analytical studies. This work will focus on the management of forensic evidence more specifically the biological samples. Indeed examiners performing FME in ASA cases must have knowledge and training in collecting and handling evidence always respecting guidelines and legal obligations. This is true regardless of the value of other forensic procedures (e.g. forensic interview forensic medical history photo paperwork or physical examination) that may be required. Examiners should also be aware of the scope and limitations of laboratory analysis as well as the consequences of contamination or degradation of any evidence [7]. Moreover the interpretation of the findings related to evidence should also receive careful and thorough concern as you will find multiple variables that may influence the quality of evidence [8 9 All these variables should be taken into consideration and discussed in any recommendations or guidelines as well as in the expert (medical or laboratorial) reports. Because of its power in proving the occurrence of sexual contact and the identification of the suspects biological evidence for DNA studies is usually nowadays considered the most important evidence for legal proof in courts of legislation [4 10 The proper handling procedures during selection collection packaging labeling storing and transportation of evidence to the laboratory are key steps aiming QS 11 to accomplish final valid and reliable results [8 9 Oversights or faults in these procedures can call into question the production of the proof namely regarding evidence preservation (reduction or contaminants) and string of guardianship Rabbit Polyclonal to STAT5A/B. [13]. Within this scholarly research we aimed to examine and revise forensic techniques currently integrated in a variety of forensic establishments. These are predicated on Portuguese and worldwide forensic knowledge and proof collected through the overview of technological books and institutional suggestions. However it is certainly important to remember that the use of these suggestions is certainly QS 11 highly reliant on the obtainable local resources and really should end up being mainly regarded to market the product quality and basic safety of forensic procedures and fill up some existing spaces. It really is hoped that work could be a useful device (not merely for forensic professionals) to greatly help the objective of forensic knowledge regarding ASA marketing the power of specialists to detect gather and correctly appraise natural forensic proof. 2 Forensic Proof In QS 11 every criminal offense against QS 11 people such as intimate assault the get in touch with between the perpetrator and the victim or his/her QS 11 environment or both usually leaves evidence which is usually transferred from your perpetrator to the victim to the scene and vice versa [8 14 15 Forensic evidence in the broadest.